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M/s BRAHMI STEELS, Bengaluru

Established in 2020, we are one of the best & complete store in Bengaluru to supply stainless steel & other utensils including LPG spare parts for Hotels, Catering, Restaurants, Bakeries, Canteens, Tent Houses, Clubs, Convention Halls, etc with many satisfied customers.

Our products are made up of superior quality materials, without any compromise. We get products from the best dealers & manufacturers in Karnataka & the surrounding states.

Our products are best designed to Indian standards & traditions. Safety comes first, we have taken utmost precautions in dealing with products that are fire-resistant, shockproof, etc. We have concentrated on products that are more durable, less fuel & power-consuming products so that reduces the burden on customers directly.

- Rathnakar Shetty

Managing Partner.

Office Front